24 July 2010

Customer Service

It’s nice to get a good bit of customer service every now and again. A while back we bought an AeroBed, which is a nice, comfortable air bed with a built in mains powered pump. Recently it sprung a leak so I went to the AeroBed site and requested a puncture repair kit which were listed as free. A couple of days later I got an email asking for proof purchase which I didn’t have (having bought the bed some years ago), so I sent a reply saying that and that I would be happy to pay for a kit. They replied to say that they’d send out a kit anyway, still free.

In the end I actually received two kits so I have to wonder whether they’d sent out the first kit before even getting in touch to ask for proof of purchase.

Anyway, the fact that they are still around and providing free customer support for old customers is nice thing, and I think deserves to be reported, given how often people get on the internet just to complain.

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