Today I Learned

Quick posts, usually about single small topics.

  • Svelte Warning Codes 2021-12-20

    Having just spent close to an hour trying to find the right way to suppress this Svelte warning
  • Jekyll Feeds Plugin on Github pages 2021-11-20

    On another site I’m creating I didn’t want a feeds.xml file. The default Jekyll configuration for Github pages includes the…
  • Creating iOS Shortcuts 2021-07-17

    After complaining that there wasn’t any decent documentation on Shortcuts I finally found the right combination of words to search…
  • Jekyll Without Plugins 2021-07-06

    I’ve been porting my blog over to this fairly vanilla Jekyll site hosted on Github and just found Jekyll Codex.…
  • Monads 2021-06-28

  • Jekyll/Github Markdown 2021-05-07