26 January 2010


I keep my music on a NAS device and run iTunes on Windows XP machine. If the NAS device isn’t turned one when I sync my iPhone iTunes will decide that my music no longer exists and put an exclamation mark next to the songs it tried to sync. Turning the NAS device on doesn’t fix it, neither does telling iTunes to add the directory the songs are in (you end up with two pointers to the same file in iTunes!), instead you need to take the incredibly intuitive action of shutting down iTunes and then restarting it whilst holding down the Ctrl key.

Now all I need is some way of stopping iTunes instantly crashing every time I access the podcasts tab of my iPhone…

With thanks to Dave Nicoll: http://blog.davenicoll.com/2009/04/05/dear-itunes-that-track-with-an-exclamation-mark-is-not-missing/